Victory Horses

A program of psychological relief for military personnel using hippovention (the interaction between humans and horses to improve one's psycho-emotional state) was initiated in April 2023 at active stable "RAI" in the village Korotych near Kharkiv

The one-day program is held weekly, subject to funding, and is completely free of charge for military personnel. Each group, consisting of 10-14 individuals, spends an entire day at the stable, where they become acquainted with horses and learn about their care and handling. Participants establish a connection with the animals, learning to interact with them both on the ground and while riding.

We invite military personnel who have spare time between their combat missions, those undergoing rehabilitation after injuries, as well as veterans to participate in the program.

To register for the program, please fill out the following form.

The program is being implemented with the support of the organization UnitedHelpUkraine.

Your donations enable a larger number of military personnel to undergo rehabilitation! Join us.