NGO KHourage
We help the army of Ukraine and civilians of the Kharkiv region.
Personally from hand to hand to those who really need it.

About us

NGO KHourage was officially founded on February 23, 2023, but we have been working since the first days of the full-scale russian invasion to Ukraine. We, Masha Volkova and Nadya Kolomiets, with the participation of our friends, we help civilians and military and we will do it until Ukrainian Victory and a little later.

Help to the army

We work directly with soldiers from units of Kraken, 92nd Separate Mechanized Brigade, 5th Slobozhanska Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine, 58th Brigade, 47th Brigade, Kharkiv National University of Air Force, Special Operations Forces "East", Territorial Defense and Legion. We find and personally deliver the most necessary items: vehicles, optical devices, helmets and armor plates, radios, generators, charging stations, uniforms, small ammunition, and medicine. And treats too :). We are always aware of the current needs of the units at the front line.

Help to civilians

From the first days, we have been collecting requests and delivering medicines and food to the residents of Kharkiv under shelling. Our work developed from a turkey transported by train to vans loaded with carefully assembled food packages. After the liberation, the main direction of our work became small villages near the front line in the Kupjansk region. There we deliver medicines, food, hygiene items, and animal feed.

Victory Energy

Since March 2023, our team has established its own production of energy bars for soldiers. A unique recipe has been developed, containing the maximum amount of nutrients in each 40-gram bar. The ingredients include: dates, dried apricots, prunes, raisins, dried cherries, dried apples, walnuts, peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, vitamin C, vitamin D, magnesium, and honey. The bars are handcrafted and packaged by the Gudzinski family in the Staromerchitska community. We source the raw materials and deliver the bars directly to the soldiers. The convenient packaging allows soldiers to take the bars on missions and have something delicious, nutritious, and made with gratitude and love in their pockets at all times. You can also contribute by donating any of the ingredients used in our recipe. 

Victory Horses

Since April 2023, in partnership with the active stable "RAI," we have launched a program of psychological rehabilitation for military personnel using hippovention. 
We take groups of militaries to a stable where horses are kept in conditions that closely resemble their natural environment. Under the guidance of instructors, the participants gradually establish contact with the horses through touch, feeding, grooming, building a connection, and fostering a sense of trust. А whole day in a сalm and novel setting allows them to experience a genuine emotional reset and momentarily not think about anything else except the soft, velvety nose nestled in their palm. These outings not only provide relaxation but also facilitate significant recovery within a short period. The program is completely free for militaries, and your donations help us organize these outings regularly. Learn more

Current requests

May 2024
  • Brigade Lut' - EcoFlow Delta2 
  • BTGR Materik - Thermal imager 1400 meters 
  • Wheels for mobile fire support groups
    • 255/65/R17
    • 205/80/R16
    • 265/70/R16
  • 56th Separate Brigade - Electromagnetic warfare Kupol or Kvertus
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