1 year since the official registration of the KHourage NGO

A year ago, on February 23, 2023, our organization was registered and we officially started working. This was preceded by almost a year of work: without charters and documents, without acts and invoices, certificates and seals, and also without rest, system, knowledge, skills, proven suppliers, established contacts, and much more. We did what we could, studied, found friends, drove thousands of kilometers, collected, sorted, transported, sent, and collected again. During the first year, we realized that this is a long time and we need to move to a slightly different level.

We have been doing the same thing for a year: collecting, sorting, transporting, sending. We also submit reports, put seals, send invoices to suppliers, cooperate with Novaya Poshta, and continue to learn.

During the year, we not only purchased a lot of equipment and supplies for the Armed Forces, National Military Police, and Military Police, but also opened program of psychological rehabilitation of the military, and also established own production energy bars and trench candles.

We don't stop, we keep working. Get involved.