1 рік з офіційної реєстрації ГО “ХАробрість”

Рік тому, 23.02.2023 нашу організацію було зареєстровано і ми почали працювати офіційно. Цьому передував майже рік роботи: без статутів і документів, без актів і накладних, без посвідчень і печатки, а ще без відпочинку, системи, знань, навичок, перевірених постачальників, налагоджених контактів та ще багато без чого. Ми робили що могли, вчилися, знаходили друзів, проїжджали тисячі кілометрів, збирали, сортували, розвозили, відправляли, знову збирали. За перший рік ми зрозуміли, що це надовго і потрібно переходити на дещо інший рівень.

Вже рік ми робимо все те ж саме: збираємо, сортуємо, розвозимо, відправляємо. А ще здаємо звіти, ставимо печатки, витрушуємо накладні у постачальників, співпрацюємо з Новою Поштою і навчаємося далі.

За рік ми не тільки закупили безліч обладнання та спорядження для ЗСУ, НГУ та ТРО, але й відкрили програму психологічної реабілітації війскових, а ще налагодили власе виробництво енергетичних батончиків та окопних свічок.

Не зупиняємось, працюємо далі. Долучайтеся.

2023 financial report

Reporting is something that there's not always enough time for in the work of NGO, as there are constantly more pressing issues. However, we fully understand the necessity of transparent reporting and are immensely grateful to all our donors for their trust. Since July this year, we have been making monthly consolidated reports on receipts and expenditures, as well as accounting supplies delivered to the military.

We are responsible for every hryvnia of funds entrusted to us and strive to spend them as efficiently as possible to assist the Kraken units, 92nd Separate Mechanized Brigade, National Guard units Bureviy and Lut, 77th Airmobile Brigade, aerial reconnaissance Pegasus, and others who turn to us with their needs.

To thoroughly review the reports for the half-year, you can follow the link.If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them. We thank everyone who helps us to support our defenders. There is no such thing as a small donation, and every contribution you make is an opportunity for us to do a little more.

Our NGO operates on a volunteer basis; we do not pay ourselves salaries, and administrative expenses are mainly comprised of fuel for vehicles for missions.

We keep working. Join us

Vehicle for the Kraken Unit

One of the biggest challenges in ensuring the Armed Forces' capability remains the provision of vehicles for carrying out combat missions. Transport vehicles break down, come under fire, and get lost on the battlefield. Finding and importing them from European countries is becoming increasingly difficult. More hard is to gather the necessary funds for their purchase.

Since the onset of the full-scale invasion, our team has been providing off-road vehicles, pickups, minibusses to various units of our defenders, and supporting the repair and restoration of these vehicles.

In November, we delivered Volvo XS90 vehicle to the Kraken unit. The unit raised part of the funds independently, and the remaining amount (81000 UAH) was covered by us. The car has been repaired and is heading out to carry out combat missions.

Thank you to everyone who is helping.

Special thanks to Oleksandr Kuvshynov for the consistent monthly support, enabling us to fulfill significant requests.

Continuation of the psychological rehabilitation program

Thanks to the financial support of the United Help Ukraine foundation we continue the psychological rehabilitation program for our defenders. We are preparing for new visits in November/December, taking into account the weather conditions. We believe in this program and hope that the weather will allow us to hold many more trips this year. We are waiting for new heroic visitors.

New Financial Reporting Format

We believe that transparency in the financial expenditures of our organization is a mandatory requirement. For many months, you have entrusted us with your contributions, and we have diligently carried out our work, knowing that every penny was dedicated to the Victory. However, it's essential that this information is not only known to us but also to you. So, starting in August, we are providing a monthly financial report accessible to everyone for review through the following link REPORTS.

Additionally, everyone can find their initials in the list of contributions. We sincerely thank everyone who is not tired of supporting us. There is still a lot of work ahead of us.

We would also like to emphasize separately that the entire team of the NGO "KHourage" works solely on a voluntary basis, without receiving any salaries. Administrative expenses are limited to fuel for vehicles and mobile phones.

Commendations from military units

The purpose of our daily work is to bring Victory closer. And we also want the military to know that they are not alone out there at the front line. That we stand behind them and do everything in our power to help.
We firmly believe that it is our duty, and the militaries don't have to thank us for our work. But they do. And it is, of course, very, very gratifying. Commendations from military units and a flag from reconnaissance are priceless treasures and a recognition that our efforts are meaningful.

Victory horses in August and media

In August, in collaboration with the Kharkiv Military Hospital and the psychological service of the 5th Slobozhanska Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine, we conducted 8 outings of a psychological rehabilitation program at the "Rai" active stable. This allowed nearly a hundred servicemen to spend a day with horses and experience emotional recovery. We have received excellent feedback from the fighters themselves, as well as comments from military psychologists that the program is truly beneficial. We continue to work and welcome your participation.

Helping Civilians in August

Recently, the work of our NGO has been focused on assisting the military. There are many specialized teams that consistently and effectively help civilians in liberated territories. However, there are situations that arise occasionally where we get involved, as there are always unmet requests.

Thanks to our collaboration with NGO United Help Ukraine for many months, we have been providing medicines and hygiene products to the elderly in Kharkiv and residents of the liberated territories. In August, we received a pallet of adult diapers from the foundation. This is an ongoing need for the elderly and people with disabilities.

This week, we distributed over 30 packages to the dormitories in Kharkiv, where internally displaced persons from the Kupiansk district reside. These people truly need assistance. We thank United Help Ukraine for the opportunity to make their lives a little easier.

Cooperation with Nova Poshta

We constantly strive to optimize our work and make the best use of your donations. That's why we often don't transport the necessary supplies to the soldiers using our own vehicles but instead send them to the nearest Nova Poshta branch. The military personnel can then collect everything at their convenience. This might result in fewer epic photos, but with the saved fuel costs, we can purchase more essential equipment. However, the expenses for sending the items also used to consume a significant portion of our resources. Therefore, in April, we applied for cooperation with Nova Poshta Humanitarian. Аnd our organization has got accreditation. Now, we receive credits for free shipments every month. As a result, all your donations are allocated towards necessities such as gear, drones, optics, and protection.
We are immensely grateful to Nova Poshta for this program, their quick response to requests, and their trust in our organization. We provide monthly reports for all the credits used.

Happy Constitution Day!

Happy Constitution Day, folks. Unexpectedly, such holidays take on a new meaning.

Today, I want to express gratitude on behalf of our entire team for your unwavering support. You are our wings. Thank you to everyone for your trust. Sending hugs. We are looking forward to the main celebration to gather and, oh my, what a party it will be.